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  • How does my child get to after school club?
    Two members of staff will collect the children from their classrooms at the end of school and will walk them round to the Sure Start building. On a Friday we will do the same, however we ask the children to wear a high visibility jacket and will then walk them across the road to the Village Institute.
  • Will my child eat at after school club?
    We offer a snack bar from 4pm, the children are encouraged to serve themselves and follow a 2 Summer/Winter week menu. A fruit bowl is available throughout the session and we encourage the children to help themselves when they arrive at the end of school.
  • Can I provide my own food for my child?
    No - In order to prevent any cross contamination due to allergies and intolerances we politely ask that you do not pack any extra food for your children at after school club. We will always try to cater for the children’s likes and will provide a suitable alternative for any dietary requirements. We will always consider extenuating circumstances where you might need your child to have an extra snack.
  • Can I collect my child before 6pm?
    Absolutely, you are welcome to arrive at any time to collect your child.
  • What happens if my child is unwell?
    The manager will give you a call to let you know and will ask you to collect your child early if necessary. We keep a supply of Calpol and Piriton in the event of a high temperature or allergic reaction. We will always phone for your consent to administer these medicines should your child need them. If your child need’s these medicines we will then ask for you to pick your child up from us as soon as possible. We give consideration to the schools guidance on attendance during and after an illness policy as well as the public health agency regulations and guidance and have our own policy on Illnesses. You must inform HVASC if your child has been sent home from school unwell and they will be unable to attend after school club until they return to school.
  • What happens if my child needs medicine?
    If your child is unwell and has had medicine at school, the school office will pass this on to us so we can give it to you at pick up. We have our own medicine forms that we would need you to fill in if your child needs medicine whilst with us. Please pop an email over to to let us know and we can get a form across to you. Please note that we are only able to administer medicine that has been prescribed by a doctor and has a clear prescription label attached and is in its original medicine box (where applicable).
  • What happens if my child has an injury?
    If your child has had an accident or injury at after school club this will be handed over when you arrive to pick your child up. We complete an accident form for any injuries and will ask for you to sign our accident form. In the event of a significant injury or head injury we will give you a courtesy call to let you know.
  • Can my child attend other after school activities?
    Yes – lots of our pupils attend other extra-curricular clubs after school and then come to HVASC afterwards, we will collect the children from the club (if on school premises) or the club coordinator will bring them to us when they are finished (if off site – you will need to arrange this). Often we have children who go to cubs/brownies/swimming, if your child brings their change of clothes with them, they will be able to get changed after snack ready for when you pick up.
  • How do I receive my invoice?
    Invoices are emailed out within the first two weeks of each half term from Gayle who manages our accounts: Your first invoice will include your deposit amount, which is refunded when you leave the club. Fees are paid in advance and cannot be refunded for any unused sessions. We do not offer session swaps but may be able to accommodate extra sessions. We accept a range of payments, including: BAC’s, childcare vouchers and Tax free childcare.
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